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Hiking in Gerlos in Zillertal

The Gerlos hiking region, which encompasses Gerlos valley and its 5 side valleys, offers a wide variety of hikes ranging from easy to alpine. Whether leisurely hikes from hut to hut, or alpine mountaineering expeditions to the tops of our 3,000 m peaks - Gerlos im Zillertal is a true hiking paradise.

Hikes in the Gerlos side valleys


Wimmertal valley branches off at Gerlos-Gmünd, and has a definite appeal to hikers in search of a more leisurely experience. Hiking path No. 6 takes you past the Eggehtenalm until, after about 45 minutes, you will reach the Wimmertalalm, which is an excellent refreshment opportunity. Via the Grundlochalm, Jagd- and Grundhütte, your hike will bring you to 1760 m above sea level. Experienced hikers may wish to continue up to the Wimmerscharte at 2,500 m, which is reachable via mountain path No. 6 and is marked in black.


On the way to Gerlos (before you reach Gmünd), you will find the point where the Schwarzachtal valley branches off. You will hike gently uphill alongside the Schwarzach, bringing you into a narrow, though romantic valley. After about 1 hour of hiking, you will reach the Schwarzachalm, a country cafe at about 1400 m above sea level. You can now continue your hike along path No. 8, until you come to the Obere Schwarzachalm. Experienced hikers can continue along a hiking trail leading deeper into the valley. If you don't have problems with heights, the Schwarzachscharte (elev. 2,475 m) is an absolute must. Your hike up takes you along a narrow mountain path.


From the car park for the Isskogel lift, you will take hiking path No. 2 into the secluded Krummbachtal valley. Passing the Almstüberl, you will first reach the turn-off for the Prölleralm, a rustic mountain hut where it would definitely be worth your while to stop for refreshments. Afterwards, continue your hike along the banks of a stream as far as the Krummbachrast. If you regard the hike so far as merely a warm-up, you will now make your way via the Nöckentalalm to the Isskogel mountain lift terminal.


In Gerlos, hiking path No. 5 begins and leads you into Schönachtal valley. This relatively flat path takes us past the Stinkmoosalm on a walk lasting about 1 hour until we reach the Lackenalm (a snack stop at 1400 m above sea level). If you are wearing sturdy shoes (with a good grip), you can hike from here, past the Issalm and Pasteinalm, up to an elevation of around 2,000 meters. Your efforts will be rewarded, because here you can enjoy marvelous views of the magnificent Schönachkees glacier.


The lake hike, which takes you around Durlassboden reservoir in Wildgerlostal - a popular magnet for fans of all kinds of water sports - is truly something special. Taking about 3 hours to complete, the hike begins at Restaurant Seestüberl on the dam wall. Following the left shoreline, you will come to the entrance to Wildgerlostal valley. Then, you will follow a lane leading to Alpengasthof Finkau. Now, depending on what kind of hike you are in the mood for, you have 2 attractive hiking options to choose from. With a little bit of effort, you can make your way past Leitenkammer gorge to the picturesquely situated Zittauer Hütte (2,329 m) on the shore of the Wildgerlossee. You are rewarded by enchanting mountain panoramas. If you prefer a more laid-back experience, however, then why not enjoy snacks at Gasthof Finkau. From here, you are able to soak iin the marvelous views of the summits of the Reichenspitz Group (3,300 m). After your rest, stroll along the lake shore and via the Bärschlagalm back to the dam and the Seestüberl.

Huts & Country Inns

Huts in Gerlos

  • Zittauer Hütte 2.330 m - Tel.: +43 6564 8262
  • Richter Hütte 2.374 m - Tel.: +43 6564 7328
  • Warnsdorfer Hütte 2.336 m - Tel.: +43 6564 8241
  • Krimmler Tauernhaus 1.631 m - Tel.: +43 6642 612 174
  • Larmachalm 1.896 m - Tel.: +43 5284 5516
  • Neue Bambergerhütte 1.756 m +43 664 4559 469
  • Brandberger Kolmhaus 1.845 m - Tel.: +43 664 7372 2893

Huts on the Kreuzjoch

  • Rosenalm 1,744 m - Tel.: +43 5282 2570
  • Wiesenalm 1,309 m - Tel.: +43 5282 2560
  • Kreuzjochhütte 1,980 m - Tel.: +43 664 3075448
  • Kreuzwiesenalm 1,880 m - Tel.: +43 5282 3593

Huts on the Gerlosstein

  • Gerlossteinhütte 1,620 m - Tel.: +43 5282 2419
  • Sonnalm 1,350 m - Tel.: +43 5282 3689

Details of other hiking tours to enjoy during your vacation in Gerlos can be obtained from the tourist office in the town center.

Have lots of fun hiking in Gerlos!